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Motorcycle Theory Test
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We’re Making It Easier for You to Pass Your Motorcycle Theory Test

A motorcycle is an easy and fun mode of transportation. But before you can hop on and ride off, you need to pass the motorcycle theory test administered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

But passing a theory and hazard perception test can be a little bit challenging. Especially if you’re a first-time test taker. You might also be apprehensive if you took the test before and failed.

Easy Theory Test is here to make the study process much simpler for this time around. Sign up to Premium to access all the test questions that can help you quickly learn the Highway Code and get you ready to ride over that test.

I Want Premium Motorcycle Theory Tests

Ride off into the Sunset with a Theory Test Pass

Figuratively, that is, since you still need to do the motorcycle road test. But you can always just just rush home to your family and shout yes, I passed my theory test. Here’s how to get it done.

Download the Highway Code

It’s available online as a PDF. Yes, it’s long and difficult to study. But you can compare it to our free and premium theory practice tests, so you know you’re getting the right info to help you learn.

Find Test Questions

Test away with our practice questions. You have unlimited attempts to keep learning until you get it right and can answer questions from any section of the Highway Code that may be on the real test.

Try a Mock Test (or Few)

The best way to test your readiness for the real motorcycle theory test is by trying to pass our mock tests. They are designed to be just like the real DVSA test with both the multiple-choice and HPT.

Sit the DVSA Test

Are you consistently meeting the pass marks on our simulation motorbike theory tests for both sections? Then you’re ready to book online with the DVSA to sit the real thing and pass with riding colours.

Choosing an Online Motorbike Theory Test Site

Free motorcycle practice tests are not sufficient to get through all the material that the test will cover. So, choose the online platform with the right tools to help you study for and pass your theory test.

  • Studying the Easy Theory Way

    Practice by Categories

    Our tests are designed to help you learn at a faster pace than simply trying to study the Highway Code alone. Plus, by categorizing our test questions, you get a better chance at studying at a pace and in a manner that best suits your learning style. These categories are still in keeping with the DVSA requirements such as Traffic Signs, Motorway rules, safety of your Motorbike, and more.

    Over 700+ Practice Questions

    Unlock a huge treasure trove of exam-like questions when you sign up to Premium. You get immediate access to our over 700+ multiple-choice theory test questions based on the official questions that may be in your DVSA motorbike theory test.

    Unlimited Test Attempts

    Whether it’s the individual test questions or a motorcycle theory test mock, you have unlimited attempts with Premium access. Unlimited allows you to practice as often as you need. Therefore, you will have the best possible chance of passing that theory test when you sign up.

  • Track Your Progress Effortlessly

Our Users Pass Their Moped & Motorcycle Theory Test. Here’s Why.

They go prepared because our online practice quizzes get them ready. You too can pass on your first try if you study for the test using the Easy Theory Test practice questions.

UK-Specific Test Questions

Our motorcycle practise test questions are specific to the UK. They are based on the Highway Code which is what is used to set the questions for the DVSA theory test. So, we update our test questions whenever the Code is updated.

Premium Access to More Quizzes

You can access some of our practice quizzes for free. But, if you want the best chance of passing, you need to review the 700+ questions. Don’t worry, it won’t be that hard when you’re studying them in our practice format.

Practice Tests Like the Real Thing

From individual questions to motorcycle mock theory tests, you get a direct look at what to expect when you sit the real test. Otherwise, you would end up like the over 50% of people who fail the test who did not know what to expect.

Accessible On The Go

This is not like school where you have to sit and work in one place. Our test questions are online, so you can access them from anywhere. Have a break at work, on the bus, relaxing? Jump on your phone and practice?

Better Study Process

The Highway Code isn’t written in a way that makes it easy to study for a test. And even the DVSA tells you to take practice tests. But our platform also gives you the tools to track your progress so you can have a better outcome.

The Pass Strategy

The test has a high failure rate. To counteract this, we give you unlimited test attempts, performance analyses, options to track difficulty areas, and to view the explanation behind an answer immediately so can you study faster.

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Get ready to ride off to your practical exam. Choose the better online platform to study for your Motorcycle theory test. Easy Theory Test gives you all you need to be in the select number of people who pass the theory and hazard perception tests.

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